5 of Bobbi Brown’s Best Makeup Tips

Beauty guru Bobbi Brown knows everything about how to apply the perfect face of makeup thanks to her years of expertise. The professional makeup artist, who also has her own successful line of makeup products, reveals her top tips for applying and making makeup last. Here is a look at some of her best tips. 

  1. How to Use a Concealer

Brown believes a color corrector is helpful: “Use a color corrector under concealer. The corrector will get rid of the darkness and counteract green or purple shadows, and then concealer lightens the area so it blends into your skin. For medium skin tones all the way to darker black, you’ll need a peachtoned corrector, and if you’re paler, you’ll want to go for a pink or bisque. When you find the right combination, it’s magic. Also, don’t just use it under the eye, dab it at the top of your nose by the eye socket. When you lighten that up, it really opens up the eye.”

  1. How to Hide Under Eye Circles

Bobbi advises to use a concealer on dark circles: “The best way to hide under eye circles is with a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation layered over eye cream and applied up into the lash line and the inner corner of the eye next to the nose. Then add a yellow-toned powder to keep it on longer and blend into the skin better. I never leave my home without one.”

  1. How to Fill in Your Eyebrows


Bobbi likes to use eyeshadow on eyebrows: “I can’t get a pencil to look natural. I believe that filling in brows with a matte shadow that matches brows is the easiest and most natural application for the eyebrow.”

  1. How to Match Your Foundation to Your Skin

Bobbi explains how to test foundation: “Test foundation on both your forehead and the side of your cheek. If it disappears, it’s right; if it looks kind of pink, you need a more yellowy tone. Lipstick can really change color depending on your lip color, not your skin color, so if you can, try it on and walk outside to make sure it’s still flattering in daylight. A lot of women are walking around in makeup that’s not the right color or texture for them, which is kind of like wearing ill-fitting jeans.”

  1. How to Make Foundation Last

The makeup artist believes powder is key to make it last: “Layering powder on top of foundation will keep foundation on longer. Using gel eyeliner will make sure you have eyeliner on when you get home in the evening. Waterproof mascara lasts longer than regular, and layering powder and cream blush will keep it on longer than using just one blush.”