5 Models Who’ve Recently Tried Acting Roles

Posted by PZ on September 16th, 2017

More and more famous models seem to be crossing over in to the acting world lately – here is a look at 5 beauties who’ve landed some acting roles recently. Essentially, modeling and acting aren’t that much different, and these models now like to mix both careers together, working as models and actresses depending on what opportunities arise. Here is what they’ve said about making the transition from magazines to the big screen.

Barbara Palvin


Barbara recently made her debut in a small role and revealed that Steven Spielberg asked her if she was interested in being an actress: “For me, it’s a weird question. I don’t want to say ‘Yes, yes! I want to be an actress,’ because it’s a bit pushy. So I was a bit embarrassed. I was like ‘Yeah, of course — everyone is interested in acting and with modeling, I’m kind of acting.”

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