5 Male Celebs Who’ve Tried Botox

It’s not just the female stars who use botox, there are plenty of guys who are worried about aging and have tried out botox too.  Simon Cowell admits that he regularly uses botox to stay looking young, and even says that he believes almost everyone in the spotlight uses it to stay looking good, except for a few who naturally look amazing, such as Cheryl Cole. David Hassellhoff has a similar attitude stating that he has also used it, but believes everyone else does too!


Cliff Richard

Cliff says he’s tried it but believes it didn’t work: “I’ve tried Botox and it just didn’t work. I really didn’t like the feeling and it made my eyebrows droop over my eyes. I went to four different doctors, all of them recommended by friends, but the same thing happened each time. So I don’t bother any more.”

Will Young

Will tried botox, but for a more unusual problem: “I tried it (Botox) once actually under my arms, because I sweat a lot. I sweat a lot – why am I saying this? So I went to this chap (man) and he gave me some Botox and I sweated through it and he said, ‘You’re the only man in Europe to sweat through Botox’.”

Simon Cowell

Simon admits openly that he’s tried it, and says that everyone has: “I’ve had Botox. But then again, pretty much everyone I know has, except Cheryl Cole. I got a shock when she was sitting next to me on the panel and she frowned and her forehead actually wrinkled. I thought, ‘Whoa! I haven’t seen that in a while. A real frown. That’s different.’ To me, Botox is no more unusual than toothpaste. It works, you do it once a year – who cares?”

Donny Osmond

Donny says he’s tried botox once but won’t be using it ever again because he didn’t like the needles: “I’ve had Botox once.Never again. I didn’t like the needles going in, and didn’t like not having my face move. I’d consider cosmetic surgery, but not yet.”

David Hassellhoff

David comments that he’s had botox in the past and remarks that he likes how Clint Eastwood waited before he started botox: “I have had botox. Everyone has. I like how Clint Eastwood looks. He waited until he was 75.”