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5 Male Celebrities Who’ve Had Way Too Much Plastic Surgery!

Arched eyebrows and too-taunt skin aren’t just for ‘Real Housewives’ – these 5 male celebrities are living proof that even Hollywood’s men are obsessed with trying to look perfect and ageless. Some look like they might have had one or two surgeries too many and have hopefully learned their lesson and will allow the damage to undo over time as it naturally wears off. Others won’t ever be able to reverse the weirdness they’ve done to their faces and seem to be unfortunately stuck that way for good – this is the case for action star Sylvester Stallone, who appears to have gone under the knife for numerous cosmetic enhancements, only to be left with a waxy complexion and wacky eyebrows to match. Carrot Top is on a whole other level of weird though – nightmares don’t look this scary.

Bruce Jenner

bruce jenner

Carrot Top
carrot top

Gary Busey
gary busey

Kenny Rogers
kenny rogers

Sylvester Stallone