5 Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Instantly Younger

Makeup can surprisingly add or subtract years when it comes to a person’s appearance. Here are some simple tips to make you look instantly younger. Keeping your own look in mind – skin tone, hair colour, etc. adapt your products for a flattering and natural look and you’ll notice how young you look without any effort!

  1. Go Natural With Colours

Harsh black eyeliner and mascara can be ageing around the eyes – instead opt for slightly lighter shades. A brown mascara can take years off, and switch a classic black or grey smoky eye for a bronze or rose tint eyeshadow to create a less harsh contrast.

  1. Liven Up Your Complexion

Give your skin some warm colour with a blush (on the cheekbone) and bronzer (below the cheekbone to create shadow). Blushers and bronzers will warm up your complexion and make your skin look more peachy.

  1. Fuller Eyebrows

Thin eyebrows can be prematurely ageing – if you don’t have naturally full eyebrows, try an eyebrow pencil in a shade close to your natural eyebrow hair colour. Lightly shade in and shape to your desired thickness.

  1. Go Natural

Opt for a natural look. Caking on foundation and adding layers of mascara just adds on years. Instead go for a light layer of foundation, a nude lip and light eye makeup. Take your inspiration from Cate Blanchett – she never looks as though she is wearing much makeup and still looks flawless and youthful.

  1. Use Tinted Moisturizer as a Base

Applying a light layer of tinted moisturizer before you apply foundation will give your skin a fresh youthful glow. There are also BB Cream products that combine products that are light and simple to use.