5 Makeup Tips by Professional Makeup Artists

After years of working as makeup artists, these professionals have picked up plenty of easy to try tips and tricks that they’ve shared. From how to make your own concealer to the best eyelash curling method, these stars have worked on celebrities, models and more and know what they’re talking about when it comes to applying the perfect face of makeup. Here are their favourite tips and secrets.

  1. Make Your Own Concealer

Makeup artist Ricky Wilson suggests making your own concealer: “You can make your own concealer in a pinch by mixing a bit of translucent powder into liquid foundation to thicken it. This also works well if you do not like heavy concealer.”

  1. Sharpie Mascara

Makeup professional Troy Surratt offers this great tip: “One of my personal favorites is to tint the tips of lashes with a nontoxic black Sharpie, especially in the summer when the tips of lashes seem to bleach out or fade from sun and chlorine. Gently and carefully brush over the tips of lashes to darken them without adding any bulk or stickiness. Lashes look darker and longer and super natural with no mascara!”

  1. Conceal Dark Circles

Legendary makeup guru Bobbi Brown advises:  “Dark circles look darker when liner is applied on the lower lash line. Bring concealer up to the lash line and use only mascara on the lower lashes.”

  1. Curl Your Lashes

Artist Meredith Hayman reveals how she curls lashes: “Look straight ahead and try to place the lash curler as close to the root of your top eyelashes as possible. Do a gentle test squeeze to make sure you don’t have any skin caught in the curler. Once placed correctly, squeeze your thumb and pointer fingers together so they touch. While squeezing, gently lift your wrist up and then back down before loosening your grip. Do not apply mascara before curling.”

  1. Add a Primer

Makeup artist Susan Heydt believes a primer is key: “[I] love to start with clean skin and add a primer. Your fine lines and imperfections are filled to provide a nice surface with or without adding makeup.”