5 Female Celebs Who Love British Men

The charm, the politeness, the Hugh Grant-esque fumbling stutter. Ah yes, we’ve all had our British fantasies, and that goes for these 5 female celebrities, who’ve all claimed that they find British guys irresistible. Some like how polite and nice they are, while others are attracted to the British sense of style. One of these stars says to date a British man is on her “to do” list, while another reveals that she finds their sense of humor charming and really sexy.


Cameron Diaz

Cameron loves British humour and finds the men charming – she even has a crush on Colin Firth: “I love (British men’s) sense of humour and the sense of chivalry and charm. It’s something that is innately a part of the culture – it’s not the same in America. He’s (Firth) the perfect Englishman. Just enough of the self-effacing to a point that it’s comfortable for other people, but also totally charming and engaging to where he makes you feel special. He’s got that British honesty. I love the Brits – I always have. I have a weak spot for them. I grew up on Monty Python. I love Little Britain. My grandfather used to watch Benny Hill all the time.”


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett hopes to date a British guy some time in the future and says she loves the accent especially: “I’d love to go out with a tall, dark, handsome Brit with piercing blue eyes and cut-glass London accent. “That’s on my to do list.”


Rihanna believes the British guys are bad boys and are very forward which is something she admires: “The men over here (U.K.) are so charming. I’m drawn to men with a quirky sense of humour and a touch of the bad boy about them. I’ve met loads of them like it in Britain. British men tend to be very forward too, and I find that very attractive. But then I visited Dublin recently and didn’t get chatted up once. That was so disappointing. Not that there’s much I could have done about it. I’m so busy that I’ve got no time for a boyfriend right now.”

Paris Hilton

Paris thinks British men are always very polite and admits she would be open to trying out a relationship with anyone who charmed her enough: “They’re (British men) very sweet, there are lots of nice guys out there, they’re so polite and I love the accent. Everyone has a chance. The most important thing is to make me laugh, because I really like to laugh.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer finds the Brits polite and charming, while she is also seduced by the accent:”I prefer English men to American men because they really have that chivalry thing. I think I’ve only ever had two American men open doors for me whereas English guys do it all the time. And I love the accent.”