5 Fake Celebrity Redheads

Readheads might be a dime a dozen in Ireland (I think I would know), but they certainly aren’t in Hollywood. In fact, some of the people you may know and love as redheads simply…aren’t. I mean, are your core values shaken? They totally should be. Because these ladies are not, indeed, redhead as advertised…

Photos: INFdaily.com

Ashlee Simpson

Shocker there, right? Simpson is actually a sort of mousey brunette, probably like her sister. Still, she poses as a redhead from time to time, just like she poses as a good mom, from time to time.

Christina Hendricks 


Not actually a redhead, she seems quintessentially redhead, right? Pre- Mad Men, Hendricks was actually a blond.


What? That acidic red hair tone isn’t this lady’s natural color? I’m calling the coast guard, to take her back to wherever she’s from. Like, the Carribbean, right? Barbados? Some such sun-drenched island where hair turns regular brown red and regular girls hot and fabulous?

Amy Adams 

Remember Drop Dead Gorgeous? Yeah you do. Adams is and was a blond, but goes red to…help her career? Distinguish herself? Stop boredom? Either way, it’s working for her.

Kristen Johnson

Remember her from Third Rock From the Sun? Johnson, who is known as a redhead, would seem off if she decided to go back to her natural brownish color. Come on Johnson, get your cute red head into some more stuff!