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5 Easy Ways to Avoid Makeup Mistakes

Tired of looking in the mirror at the end of the day to find that your makeup is now a mess? Here are 5 easy tips to avoid makeup mistakes and help you apply makeup in the best way possible to keep it looking flawless all throughout the day. 

  1. Keep a Small Stash of Essential Products

When you’ve finished applying your makeup, figure out which products you might need to take out with you to keep the look fresh – try to select just a few items such as a pressed powder, a mascara or lipgloss – just to keep your makeup in check and be on hand if you need to top anything up. 

  1. Take a Photo

Just before you head out the door, turn the camera on yourself and take a photo – this will just give you another view of your makeup and you might notice something that you otherwise might not have. 

  1. Apply Makeup in a Room With Natural Light

When possible, find a room with the most natural light to apply makeup. Rooms with low light or bright lights from other sources won’t give you a completely accurate view of your finished look and it’s harder to tell if colours match correctly especially. 

  1. Carry a Compact Mirror

A small mirror is lightweight and easy to slip in to even the smallest clutch. Look for a good light source and check out your makeup to see if anything needs fixing or re-applying. 

  1. Carefully Top Up Makeup

Your makeup might have been perfect when you first stepped out but if you carelessly re-apply products, it can begin to look patchy or less natural. Take your time when layering products over an existing beauty look and make sure it all still appears as flawless as before.