5 Childless Stars Who Can’t Wait for Parenthood

Posted by PZ on January 14th, 2021

They may not have kids of their own yet, but these 5 stars all know they can’t wait for parenthood and say it’s a dream of theirs to start their own family in the future. Very sure that becoming a mom or dad is for them, these celebrities have gushed that they’re super excited by the idea of becoming a parent and are looking forward to it happening one day in the future.

Amanda Seyfried


Amanda feels an urgency to become a mother as she worries about too much time passing: “I keep feeling like my eggs are dying off. I need to get on it… I want a child. Badly. I want to be a mother, badly. That’s what I feel. I’ve been feeling it for like, two years. I’m not ready but nobody’s ready. It changes everything… so how you can ever be ready for that?”

Andrew Garfield

Andrew is excited by the idea of becoming a father: ”I have a longing to be a father myself. Being a dad is something I’d to be at some point.”

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel can’t wait to have children and already knows what kind of dad he’d be: “I really want to have kids. I’ve grown up around lots of people who were having kids when I knew them, because a lot of them were a lot older than me. And I saw the wonderful change in them. A lot more tired, a lot more happy. I’m definitely going to be one of those parents who pushes their kids into things. I’d love my kids to be a boxer. Yeah! Cricket too.”

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake says having kids is a big dream for him and he hopes it will happen: ”I am not a father yet, but it is definitely a dream of mine, should I be lucky to have that to happen.”

Paris Hilton

Paris would like to have children and hopes to have a family of her own one day: ”I would love one day to have a family. That’s such an important part of life. I’d love to be a mum. For now, I have so many pets; I’m like a mother to all my animals.”

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