5 Celebs Who Say They’re Too Young to Get Married

What age is too young to get married? For everyone, the answer is undoubtedly different and changes with circumstance. Here are 5 celebrities who all believe that they’re currently still too young to tie the knot. Some of them have been in steady relationships for a while so it makes sense that the question was asked, while others are single and know that now is definitely not the right time for them to walk down the aisle. From just wanting to focus on other things to feeling as though they aren’t ready to fully make a life-long commitment, there are plenty of reasons why these stars all feel as though it’s just not the right time to take the big leap into marriage.


Dev Patel

Dev Patel, who has been dating his Slumdog Millionaire co-star Freida Pinto since 2008, says he is in no rush to get married and says the couple are curently working hard on their careers at the moment: “No, we are not engaged. I am 21! There are so many rumours about us but no, we are just working hard.”

Nina Dobrev

Nina, who is dating Ian Somerhalder, says that all of the stories of their engagement are false because she doesn’t want to get married yet: “(The story is) not true at all… (I would) be wearing a ring if I had one… (Getting married young is) not my (style). I’m young. I’m really young. It’s not like back in the day where you have to get married and have your children by 18. I’m a career woman and a young, very driven woman, and I’ve got a lot I have to accomplish before I settle down and have kids and do any of that.”

Nadine Coyle

Nadine thinks she’s far too young to wed and would laugh if she say herself in a dress: “I would laugh if I saw myself in a wedding dress. I feel too young, as strange as it sounds. I just don’t think I’m mature enough to do that at the minute. But is Jason the most incredible man I’ve met? Of course – by a mile. I don’t have an idea for the perfect wedding, I’m just sure that when the time comes it’ll be all right. The actual wedding day is not that important, it’s all about making sure you’re with the right person.”

Liam Hemsworth

Liam may have recently got engaged to Miley Cyrus, but he said earlier this year that marriage is still far in the distance, so the couple could end up waiting for a while despite their engagement. Liam commented:  ”Marriage and kids are way in the future for me. I’m young. It’s not really on my mind at the moment – marriage, kids or anything.”

Justin Bieber

Justin may be in a steady relationship with Selena Gomez, but he is looking further into the future when it comes to marriage:”No, I’m too young. One day, I will get engaged, when I have found the right person in five or 10 years. It doesn’t mean Selena is not the right person though! She’s going to kill me if I say that! It is not easy to be so young and to have a relationship with someone that doesn’t stay private. But, well, I am a public personality, it is what I wanted, so I have to deal with it.”