5 Celebs Who’ve Voiced Concerns for Miley Cyrus

Robbie Williams

Robbie is worried how fame might get to her: “Miley’s got the world talking and looking at her. And the spotlight that’s now upon her is rehab-making. It has a detrimental effect on your psyche. I’ve had a similar light shine on my direction and it f**ks you up – for a long time. She’s just a kid. She’s a kid who looks as though she’s rebelling against her father (Billy Ray Cyrus) and rebelling against the industry that put her in a Hannah Montana-shaped box.”


Sinead O’Connor

Irish singer Sinead wrote Miley an open letter to voice her concerns: ”I am extremely concerned for you that those around you have led you to believe, or encouraged you in your own belief, that it is in any way ‘cool’ to be naked and licking sledgehammers in your videos. Women are to be valued for so much more than their sexuality. We aren’t merely objects of desire. I would be encouraging you to send healthier messages to your peers.. that they and you are worth more than what is currently going on in your career.”