5 Celebs Who Want to Live in London

Posted by PZ on June 10th, 2017

Victoria Beckham

Victoria would like to find a permanent place in London for her family. Someone close to her commented:”They’ve been happy renting so far, with Victoria spending most of the week in London with the kids, while David stays in a luxury pad in Paris. But they’re feeling settled back in Europe, and Victoria has expanded her fashion business in London, so it makes sense to sort out a home.”

Tom Cruise

An insider believes Tom wants to make the move: “Tom has been planning to set up base in Europe for about four years and he is finally ready to make it happen. He is utterly charmed by London and wants to get a place in Notting Hill or St John’s Wood. Tom is happy because he thinks putting down roots in London will allow him to take Suri for longer stretches of time. He is just trying to do something nice for Suri. She has been grounded in the United States for a long time and Tom wants to make sure she gets to experience life fully and know other cultures. He doesn’t want her to grow up to be a narrow minded person who’s afraid to use her passport.”

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