5 Celebs Reveal Their Favourite Fashion Designers

Celebrities are lucky enough to own a wardrobe bursting with amazing designer clothes, and some have formed a particular attachment to one favourite designer label who they simply can’t get enough of. Be it Chanel, Gucci or Balmain, these 5 stars all crave their most-loved designer and gush about how amazing they feel when they’re wearing a piece created by them. Some feel super glamorous, while others believe they’ve transformed into someone else completely. Some are just happy to look elegant and feel comfortable, or to be surrounded by a bright statement print.




Beyonce loves British designer Gareth Pugh who makes experimental creations: “I love Gareth Pugh, he’s amazing. His work is so different. The dramatic shoulder pads make your waist look teeny tiny and it’s very structured and graphic and modern. I think the contrast of his garments and my personality is really cool. And I get to dress up and be whatever I want.”

Lea Michele

Lea turns to American designer Oscar de la Renta when she wants to be glamorous for the red carpet: “Who’s my favourite designer? Oscar de la Renta, of course! I’ve worn some beautiful Oscar de la Renta dresses over the last few months – at the Golden Globes and the Emmys. I felt like a princess.”

Kim Kardashian

Kim is a huge fan of Chanel and believes the label’s founder was an amazing woman: ”Karl’s one of my favourite designers. Chanel’s one of my favorite designers. I’m wearing Chanel tonight. I think her (Coco Chanel), as a woman, she was such a smart businesswoman with her fragrances and everything. She’s really inspirational as a person. And I love the brand, I think it’s really sophisticated and chic.”

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer loves Italian designer Versace, especially because their designs can be comfortable as well as elegant: “It’s hard for me to pick out a favourite designer or dress, but I am partial to Versace. I love the way Versace makes me feel. At the Grammy Awards this year, I wore this silver minidress, which had a long white chiffon column layered over it. It was more comfortable than it looked.”

Cheryl Cole

Cole often wears Roberto Cavalli and  is drawn to his bright prints: ”I’ve always been a fan. He does a bit of the pattern stuff, he actually made my outfit on ‘The Voice’ – bespoke. We have a great relationship and I love all his pattern stuff. He’s always had that actually, it’s just really at the forefront of fashion right now!”