5 Celebs Who Are Ready for Motherhood

Posted by PZ on December 11th, 2012

These 5 stars all feel as though they’re ready for motherhood. Some have already had children and believe that it was perfectly timed for their lives because they’ve got everything sorted out ahead of time – from their career to their love life. Others are just feeling as though they’ve also reached that time in their lives, and believe that if they were to have children in the near future, they’d be prepared for the big change and great amount of responsibility that comes with the role. They may have dreamed about having kids all of their lives, but they’re ready to truly experience it for real now that they’ve got their footing in life.

Anne Hathaway

Anne recently got married to Adam Shulman and now that she’s tied the knot to her perfect man, she’s ready to finally have kids: ”I’ve wanted to be a mom since I was 16. But I also wanted to have a career, so I have been chomping at the bit to be a mother for a really long time. I also had to find a baby daddy first – which I now have.”

Monica Bellucci

Monica believes she had her first child at exactly the right time: ”Before that I wasn’t ready to become a mother. I wasn’t ready for something so incredibly huge, something that would change my life for ever. I think it was because I am an only child. In a way I always felt a child — too much into myself. I worried I wouldn’t be ready to give myself. When the first one came, I thought I’d have another really quickly because I knew I didn’t have much time left. In the end, I was breastfeeding for the longest time and ultimately I wanted to have time with just her and be really confident and know who she really is before I could get pregnant with my second. I was lucky to get pregnant at 44. We didn’t have to try for a long time. It was natural.”

LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn believes she’s ready to start working on a family now that she’s had treatment for some issues: “Eddie and I talk about having kids and I would love to be a mom. I didn’t ever want to bring a child into the world without taking care of myself. And that was another reason I decided to go (into treatment). I was America’s sweetheart for so many years, but it was just like everyone turned (on me). No one will ever understand how much thought and hurt were put into our decision (to end our respective marriages). I was incredibly depressed and not quite sure of who I was. People are so quick to judge and make decisions for themselves about situations they know absolutely nothing about.”

Kelly Osbourne

When she first saw her brother Jack’s new daughter, Kelly instantly fell in love and feels as though she wants her own children now: ”I’ve got baby fever after I saw [her]. I’d be the best mum ever. I would. I’ve got great training from my mum. I have to tell you, I never believed in love at first sight. And then when I saw how perfect and beautiful this baby was and is, I lost it. I cried more than anyone else.”

January Jones

January welcomed a son last year and believes he came along at just the right time in her life: ”I am at the right age, the right time in my life, where having him is just so much fun. I feel very lucky, I think being a mother is something I was meant to do.There’s less glamour in my life though, now that I am a mother. I get more excited about cosy T-shirts than about an amazing pair of heels. That is sad. But your priorities just change.”

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