5 Celebs That Love to Shop For Clothes Online

Online clothes shopping is completely addictive: at least these 5 stars think so. They love to relax during their time off and hit up some luxurious fashion boutiques online to pick up some fresh designer goodies. Others prefer to shop online because they don’t like trying things on in store, while some still like to experience the real store, but feel that online shopping has made it much easier for them to buy what they like, while one of these stars confesses she’s attracted to all the beautiful things available online!



Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole prefers to shop online because she doesn’t think changing rooms are flattering: “I’m all about shopping online because I hate changing rooms. Why do they do that to us? Those horrible lights, unflattering mirrors, I prefer to try stuff on at home.”

Victoria Beckham

Victoria loves to shop on sites like Net-a-Porter when she gets the chance because it’s so convenient: ”’I am a big fan of Net-A-Porter.com. When the kids are asleep, I can travel on this site for several hours. I like the idea of quietly shopping at home for clothes and returning them if it don’t work. This is absolute freedom.”

Keira Knightley

Keira likes to shop in real stores, but realizes that online shopping has made things easier: “Oh, I do like shopping, but only sometimes. The other day I wanted to buy a Burberry coat. I went into the shop, tried it on, looked at the price, nearly died, and then bought it! It was so much fun, but I still have to tell myself it’s OK to do that – isn’t that mad?” However, Keira loves to shop online because it makes things easy: “It makes my life so much easier.”

Hilary Duff

Hilary reveals that shopping online has made her stay in much more: “I’m so addicted I almost don’t leave my house anymore. My absolute favourite place to shop is Net-A-Porter. There are so many beautiful, irresistible things.” Hilary adds that she loves to shop for heels that are: “Comfortable and make me very tall – two things I always want in my shoes.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth likes to unwind by shopping online at night when the kids are asleep: “On some nights, once the kids are asleep and I’m in for the evening, one of my favourite pastimes it to sit down with my laptop and a nice glass of wine. I read the news and do the occasional guilty shop on Net-a- Porter or Luis Via Roma.”