5 Celebs Who Love to Dress Up For The Red Carpet

When it comes to getting ready for the red carpet, these 5 celebrities are in their element. They love the entire process of getting glammed up for a big event. From the hair and makeup, to picking out the perfect dress, shoes and accessories that will turn heads on the night, these 5 stars say that the hours fly by when they’re prepping for their big red carpet moment. Some love to put together outfits and enjoy the fashion part of getting ready, while others just love the feeling of being dolled up and looking their best because it makes them feel amazing!

Amber Heard

Amber enjoys playing dress up before a big event and picking out the outfit she’ll wear: “I love playing dress up. The red carpet is great for that. I’m from Texas, maybe it’s a Southern thing, but we love to dress up. I just can’t help it!”

Taylor Swift

Taylor usually likes to go natural, but when it’s time to hit the red carpet she enjoys getting glammed up: “When I’m home in Nashville, I feel like I can go natural and not really worry about it, but I generally love make-up and I love dress-up. That’s why award shows are so much fun for me. I’d never wish away make-up and getting all dolled up.”

Lea Michele

Lea had a princess moment at the Golden Globes and loved her dress: ”I really loved [my dress] at the first Golden Globes I attended. I had this beautiful black Oscar de la Renta gown that I wore. I felt like a princess that day and it just felt so perfect for that event.” The ‘Glee’ actress says she also adores mini-dresses: ”The perfect party dress is a cute mini. But it has to stand on its own, you shouldn’t need a lot of accessories, hair or make-up. Something that you can just throw on and it’s fabulous in its own sense.”

Chloe Moretz

Chloe loves getting the recognition for putting together her outfits because she enjoys putting in the effort: ”I really do give a lot of attention to each one of my outfits, on and off the carpet. So to get recognition for it makes this such a fun and honorable experience.” Speaking on her red carpet style, Chloe says she likes to mix high-street with designer items: ”I mix these pieces with some of my other favorite brands like Kenzo or Vince. I usually go with my emotions for the day to push me toward how I will dress I am in love with high-waisted shorts, a cute tank top and a light sweater or lace overlay. And of course a great summer flat.”

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl says it usually takes her about 2 hours to prep for the red carpet, but the time isn’t a problem because she enjoys the whole process from start to finish: “I don’t think I’m a high-maintenance girl once I’m out and about, it’s getting ready that’s the problem – it takes me a couple of hours to get red carpet ready. But I love the process of going from wet hair to the end result.”