5 Celebs Who Love Bargain Shopping

Posted by PZ on July 19th, 2012

These 5 celebrities may have plenty of cash in their bank accounts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love finding an amazing bargain like everyone else. Some enjoy hunting down a valuable deal, while others take advantage of a deal when they can because they don’t feel there is a point in wasting their money, even if they have plenty. Some of these stars even use coupons because they realize the value of the money they’ve saved, even if it’s just a small amount.  They may not need to look for bargains, but these 5 stars love looking for them anyway!


Britney Spears

Britney says she was simply not brought up to waste money and so still doesn’t splurge on clothes, even though she can now afford to:”I’m not like I used to be. I used to roll quarters for freakin’ clothes. Sometimes I splurge but there is something about me, like, if there is a sweater for $1000, I can’t buy that. There’s something in being raised a certain way and I can’t do that. But yeah, shopping makes me happy. You go out and buy a hat and I’ll buy some shoes and you feel pretty. I feel girly.”

Selena Gomez

Selena doesn’t often buy expensive clothes – she prefers to spend less because it makes her feel better: “When it comes to shopping I love a bargain. I don’t usually spend over the $20 mark. I feel so much better buying a top for $20 that isn’t so different from the one that costs $200. It’s really rare that I buy something expensive, and if I do, I think about it over and over before splashing out.”

Kim Kardashian

Kim took to twitter to express her delight after bagging a major bargain found on ebay: “Do you guys ever shop on eBay? I just got an Elizabeth and James brand new w tags blazer for $169 its in stores now for $450! What a good deal!”

Hilary Swank

Hilary finds value in saving even a small amount, even though people laugh at her when she does:  “I would use a coupon – just because I have some money now, I wouldn’t? That doesn’t make sense to me. I see it as a dollar in my pocket. People around me laugh, because I have a deep understanding of what a dollar gets you and how far to make that dollar go. I really appreciate that I get to travel and see the world and that I can pay my bills. It’s an incredible feeling to know that I can actually buy that pair of shoes.”

Gemma Arterton

Gemma enjoys looking for vintage pieces that don’t cost much – she tells of her latest bargain find which she is incredibly pleased about: “Yesterday I bought an incredible pair of vintage, leather harem trousers in a shop in Los Angeles. I couldn’t believe it when I looked at the price tag and they were $38!”

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