5 Celebs Who Don’t Want More Kids

Posted by PZ on July 3rd, 2012

These 5 celebrities already have a family with kids, and they’ve made the decision not to have any more babies, feeling happy with their families the way they are for now. Some may have just one child, while others have two or three kids and are happy with the size of their clan. Others just aren’t ready to go through the new baby experience again at the moment (those sleepless nights, diaper changes etc.) while some are taking the time to get to know the kids they already have and don’t want more.


Dannii Minogue

Dannii isn’t sure if she wants more kids, especially when she thinks of the sleepless nights:”I kind of think it’s a good idea when I see a gorgeous little baby and I’m thinking, ‘Oh I want a cuddle, a tiny little one again.’ And then I think about all the sleepless night and I think, ‘No bad idea, really stupid.’ I don’t know – everyone says to me when you have two and you see them interact together that it brings even more joy than just watching one child. But I don’t know…”

Tom Cruise

Tom is happy with three kids because he enjoys the relationship he has with all of them and doesn’t want things to change at the moment: ”I’m so happy with three. I’m enjoying every second with Suri that I have. And I’m enjoying the relationship with my older kids, and the way it is right now.”

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is happy with three kids, even though she comes from a big family herself and is used to lots of kids: “I come from a big family, so I’m accustomed to a lot of children around me and it’s just wonderful to have the three we have. We feel very lucky. I don’t know. it would seem greedy to ask for more.”

Kate Beckinsale

Kate likes having just one child and was an only child herself, so says she doesn’t feel as though she wants more: “We’re such a merry little bunch as we are. Maybe I will at some point but I feel I have everything I want. Lily is the perfect child. She is really so much fun and into the same things as me. I am my mum and dad’s only child so I don’t really have the mindset for more children.”

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer and husband Paul Bettany aren’t planning more kids because they already feel they have a small army to look after: ”I think we should call it quits. It’s like trying to move an army getting out of the house and we go everywhere together, so it’s a lot of bodies to move. I’ve got a massive family now. It’s really unbelievable. They are all such extraordinary kids and they’re great together. They never fight, they look after each other. They are loving. I am just blessed they are such great, really wonderful kids. Maybe it has something to do with the huge age gap between them, there is no competition and they all have so much attention and focus.”

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