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5 Celebs Who Are Good in Bed

Celebrities have a lot going for them, so it’s just an extra perk if they’re good between the sheets. Here are some celebrities who are good lovers, as told by those who have loved them, past and present!


John Mayer 

A pal says John Mayer isn’t just good in bed, but sensational. Which makes sense why so many celebs keep falling for that dude (it’s definitely not his music, ugh). Mayer’s one of those people who needs to be good in bed, because otherwise, he just seems like a douche.


People love the sexual prowess of this baseball player. He’s known to be gifted by ex-lover Candice Houlihan, who said that he’s the most amazing sex she’ll ever have. What say you, Cameron Diaz?

Robert Pattinson 

Good at kissing, good at sex. A former lover said that Pattinson was incredibly passionate, and good with tension and all the ecoutrements of lovemaking. Kristin Stewart is one lucky gal!

Simon Cowell 

Shocker, right? A former girlfriend said not only is Cowell confident and rich, but he’s killer in the sack. I mean, like I always say, maybe cynicism leads to passion (untrue, I don’t always say that. Simon Cowell, People!)

Charlie Sheen 

Has to be, because he’s batshit crazy. This is a no-brainer. WINNING!