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5 Celebs Who Want to Challenge Themselves With Difficult Roles

To push yourself to your limits with a talent can be greatly rewarding, and that’s exactly what these 5 stars hope to do with their own professional career. Taking on a hard part can make them think outside the box and show off their true acting skills, instead of simply playing a character who might be similar to them in personality, they want to select roles that are more complex and baffling to undertake, perhaps with the hopes of winning an award or simply showing exactly what they’re capable of – these actors and actresses aren’t happy with just playing the same kind of boring roles over and over again and strive to be the best they can be.



Christina Aguilera

Christina wants to play an unexpected part that would take her out of her comfort zone: “I sort of had this personal aspiration to do film, but I said, ‘I never want to do a musical! It’s too much like myself.’I want it to be honest and genuine in expanding my wings and doing something really, really different. A crackhead on the street or a drug addict. Or something crazy and meaty and juicy. Something that really took me out of myself.”

Taylor Lautner

When asked what he wants from his future, Twilight actor Taylor says he wants to try new roles that are different to the one he’s known for:”That is a good question. If you had asked me that question two years ago, I would not have guessed that I would be sitting here today. But, my goal is to continue to challenge myself to do a wide variety of roles and genres. Another thing that attracted me to this was that it was different than anything I had ever done before, and I had a great experience with it. I love it, but now I am definitely looking forward to doing something completely different.”

Mickey Rourke

Commenting on his part in Iron Man 2, Mickey reveals that he challenged himself to make a bad guy that wasn’t just one dimensional: “I didn’t want to do a one-dimensional bad guy like you’d see in a comic book.Get some schmuck to do that. Hollywood always does that, especially when it’s a Russian bad guy. I wanted to add layers to it, represent where he’s coming from, and have a sense of humour. I want to challenge myself and challenge the audience to say, ‘I see something redeemable in him.’ That makes it more interesting and not so silly.”

Kristen Stewart

Kristen likes every role she takes on to challenge her in some regard:”I’ve always wanted to find a role where I can challenge myself physically, I really like getting the opportunity to hurt myself for the job but what I loved was that Snow White is someone who has the gusto and kicks ass but she’s not a dude. She remains, steady. I’m not built to be physically strong, you have to outsmart someone, you have to be physically and mentally quicker, you have to have a strong heart.”

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning reveals that Jodie Foster is someone she admires because she continues to work and push herself which is something she aspires to do: “I’ve always wanted to work with Jodie Foster, I really admire because just because she’s started young and she’s continued and it’s just something I want to do. I want to constantly challenge myself. I hope by the end of my life I’ve been able to do all genres.”