5 Celebs Who Are Bad in Bed

Trash talk is typical in Hollywood. See how I did that? Catchy alliteration! Anyhow, here’s a list of five celebrities who have reputations (or have been outed!) as being bad in the sack. Poor guys. At least they’re rich!

Photo: INFdaily.com


The on-again, off-again ex-wife (twice over!) of Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, told the media that Eminem wasn’t particularly well endowed, and if you wanted to have sex with him, “use the little blue pill.” Wow. No surprise they’re OFF again!


Colin Farrell 

Not so good in bed. He may seem like a wild child, but Angelique Jerome, an ex-lover says that he’s about as wild as white bread. Oy- but he’s soooo handsome….

Paris Hilton 

Apparently didn’t have the confidence or the sobriety to be a good lover. Nick Carter said he often times had to take her wasted ass to bed and let her pass out, forgoing sex altogether. Oh, Paris.

Brody Jenner 

Famously outed as being “vanilla” on National Television (oh, The Hills) by ex Kristin Cavillari. I’m not surprised. Are any of you? Maybe he’s more into bros…?

50 Cent

 Not so good, according to an exotic dancer. She said he was packing what I call, classical baby dick, which means that, you know, he’s tiny. Poor 50! Dig his sweet jamz.