5 Celebs Who Admire Kate Moss

British model Kate Moss is known not just for her modeling. Her style is constantly winning her the title of ‘style icon’ and is regularly noted for being one of the most original, while many admire her for other reasons, such as they way she handles herself in the spotlight. Kate has become an icon to many and with such a vast career already behind her, it’s easy to see why. From Justin Timberlake to Rihanna, here are 5 celebs who are all inspired by Kate and the reason why they admire her so much.


Justin Timberlake

Justin admires the way Kate handled her drug scandal after a paper published photos of her allegedly snorting cocaine: “I remember the first time it was reported that I smoked pot. “I was like, ‘Y’all don’t?’ That’s why I sort of respect Kate Moss. I think you lose once you start trying to analyse what people like. “So I’m like, ‘I hope you like how I live, but if you don’t, you don’t!'”

Sadie Frost

Sadie admires Kate’s approach to life because she isn’t the kind of person who holds a grudge or hates anyone she meets: “She is somebody who does not have strong opinions about other people. She is a very accepting person.”


Rihanna admires the energy Kate brings to each of the photos she appears in and thinks she is a brilliant model with the ability to transform for the camera: “I love Kate Moss. She’s just hands-down one of the baddest bada**es in the land. Nobody can take her down. I really admire Kate because every photo shoot she does is different. Every time you see her there is a different energy that she puts out in whatever outfit she is wearing. I think she is amazing.”

Nicole Richie

Nicole loves Kate’s personal style because she always looks like she is doing her own thing: ”My style is confident and easy. I focus more on comfort now I’m a mom to Harlow and Sparrow. I admire anyone with their own sense of personal style, like Kate Moss. And my mom Brenda always looks so glamorous without trying too hard.”

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is a big fan of Ms. Moss’s style and thinks she can make anything look beautiful: “I loved Julie Christie and I have a massive crush on Anita Pallenberg and her style. I think Kate Moss has that ability to be able to wear anything.”