5 Celebrity Dudes Who Suffer From Moobs/Saggy Chests

When you’ve got bigger breasts than a lactating Kardashian sister and your supposed to be a dude, there is a pretty good chance your suffering from moobs/saggy man chest. Yep, it happens all of the time – apparently moob reduction surgery is one of the most requested cosmetic surgeries by males, so these 5 celebrities aren’t alone either! Some had great bodies in the past but age has taken away whatever amazing muscles or chest they once had, while others have neglected their bodies for years and now the results are starting to show! It’s not just older guys either, as Gerard Butler demonstrates, you can easily be a hot younger guy and still suffer from moobs which is what happened to him after he packed on a few extra pounds in the recent past.

Steven Tyler

steven tyler

Alfred Molina

Henry Flores

Gerard Butler
gerard butler

John Travolta
john travolta

Rick Ross
rick ross