5 Celebrity Couples Who Have Had Intimate Weddings

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Although many celebrities tend to spend huge money on their big day (some shell out millions on their dream wedding) and plan lavish ceremonies with countless designer outfit changes, fireworks, star performances and an extensive guest list, not everyone has gone down this over the top route. Favoring something more spontaneous, small or simple, these 5 couples have all opted for a very intimate and cozy wedding that is just as special, while only inviting along a few of their closest family members and truly special friends to witness their union. Some spent very little on their small event and others only had as little as two people present while they tied the knot. Keeping their marriage ceremony low key and private, they’ve all had very personal and intimate events that shun the usual Hollywood wedding style in favor of something more subtle.




Anna Faris & Chris Pratt


Anna and Chris got married on a whim and there was only two witnesses: “We got married in July in Bali. We were actually there for a friend’s wedding and all our friends left and then we were like, ‘Let’s do it’. The hotel offered a Balinesean-style ceremony. They throw things like rice and water and flower petals on you… I had no idea what was going on. It was the two of us, the Balinesean priest and a guy from the hotel filming. It was great, it was really spontaneous.”

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

For her wedding to Ryan Reynolds, Blake kept it personal: ”Ryan and Blake opted for an intimate, personalised party, gathering their immediate and extended family at a rustic barn in South Carolina. Ryan, who has been a long-time fan of Charleston, chose to mark this special occasion in one of his favourite towns. From the heartfelt ceremony to the fun-filled carnival hour and elegant reception, it was a truly enchanting Celebration. ”

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez

Halle and Olivier only invited 60 people to their small wedding ceremony: ”The wedding was very intimate and only for family and the closest friends. They wanted a romantic and private situation. I was very touched by the love they show for one another.”

Keira Knightley & James Righton

Designer Karl Lagerfeld spoke on Keira’s small ceremony: “She had the least pretentious wedding ever. The whole thing was relaxed. I think it’s perfect. After all, they lived together for quite a time. It’s not as if she is a young girl of 18 who sees the husband for the first time. She is not a country girl. Yes. I liked the light-heartedness of this wedding.”

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom

Speaking before their secretive wedding, Miranda commented that the couple would be doing something very personal and quiet: “We have family and friends all over the world, so deciding where is a tricky one. We are enjoying being engaged for the time being and will take our time in making any plans. We are both very private so would like it to be intimate and personal.”