5 Celebrity Beauty Blunders to Learn From

We all make mistakes and it’s best to learn from them! These 5 celebrities all learned the hard way, making some beauty blunders as they tried to look their best for the constantly following cameras. Here are their mistakes and advice for avoiding what happened to them so you don’t have to go through what they have already experienced and are probably even embarrassed about! 

  1. Ashley Greene

Ashley once tried to straight her hair with an iron: ”My hair’s been every colour under the sun, and some are good and some are bad. I think the biggest mistake I ever made was when one of my friends was like, ‘You should just iron your hair with an iron’. It was not good at all. It was just stick-straight. I was probably around 14 when I did that; I did a lot of dumb things at 14. That was bad.” 

  1. Jessica Simpson

Jessica didn’t realize she was wearing too much fake tan: “There are a lot of things I’ve worn and look back on and think, ‘Oh, my’. When it comes to beauty, I think a big misconception is the tanner you are, the more beautiful you are. It’s not always true. I look back on a lot of pictures where I’m really tan, and I’m like, ‘Whoa!'” 

  1. Kim Kardashian

Kim often falls asleep with her makeup on: ”I fell asleep in my make-up two days ago. My skin was perfect and then I fell asleep with all my make-up on. I woke the next morning and was like, ‘Why did I do that?’ I hate myself every time I do it.”

  1. Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie used to over-do it with makeup: “When I was young I didn’t know that you should just focus on the mouth, eyes or cheeks, so I’d do the whole thing. I used heavy foundation and filled in my eyebrows so that they were black. I looked like a member of The Cure.” 

  1. Olivia Wilde

Olivia thinks concealer can go wrong, especially on the red carpet: ”Concealer is easy to get wrong. Everything seems normal in daylight, but under a camera flash it turns white and you look like a raccoon.”