5 Celebrities Who’ve Struggled With Body Insecurities

Many women struggle with body insecurities – some don’t like their size or their shape, or just want to change something about themselves – it’s something most of us have felt and even these 5 celebrities have spoken on how they’ve gone through it too. Saying that they once didn’t like how they looked, these stars have done their best to overcome those negative feelings and some have gradually come to accept their bodies, while others admit it’s a struggle they continue to go through. 

  1. Amanda Seyfried

Amanda used to feel ugly as a teenager: “I felt so extremely ugly. When I look back, I was not ugly – I was cute and had a gap in my teeth. But I wish I could have enjoyed that part of my life and be more confident.”


  1. Elle MacPherson

Even as a top model, Elle struggled to accept her own figure: “I have to say I had an amazing body and I didn’t appreciate it. “I was so uncomfortable in my skin. I felt so Amazonian and it wasn’t really fashionable at the time. “I just wanted to be delicate and fine, but I was all breasts and legs and hair.”