5 Celebrities Who’ve Spoken on Their Time in Prison

Posted by PZ on May 31st, 2017

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay believes she was treated extra harshly to turn her in to an example for the public: “The judge that I had at the time kept overruling [my release], even though they were overcrowded. She kept making me stay there. What they were doing was just punishing me, instead of trying to help me. They didn’t get it. It was all about being tough with me, and making me an example.”

Mark Wahlberg

Mark says his experience allowed him to turn his life around: ”When I went to jail, that was a wake-up call. Over my lifetime I’ve known a lot of unsavoury characters. I made a lot of mistakes in my own life, too, but thankfully I was able to learn from them. That was quite some time ago. Certainly now that I have a beautiful family, I’ve got all the more reason to stay on the right path.”

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