5 Celebrities Who’ve Had Scary Stalker Experiences

Posted by PZ on August 6th, 2012

When your constantly in the spotlight, it becomes likely that at some point, you’ll encounter someone that has stepped over the line from crazed fan to obsessive stalker. Some of those who stalk stars might just do funny things that are harmless, but others are genuinely frightening and probably have more than one screw loose! From breaking into hotel rooms, dressing up as fake delivery guys and sending death threats, these 5 stars have had to put on a brave face and up their security – here is their experiences with some scary stalkers that they’ve battled.


David Beckham

David’s strange stalker liked to gift him underwear: “I’ve had so many stalkers. Funny stalkers, scary stalkers, every kind of stalker. One woman turned up at my place every day for about two weeks and just left different pairs of underpants for me in the mailbox. Luckily, they were always brand new.”

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon had a female stalker who would always know where she was going to be: “She is terrifying. She has turned up outside my homes in Buckinghamshire (England) and Beverly Hills (California), outside studios and even The Ivy (restaurant) in London the other night. How did she find out I was going there? “It’s so scary, because she glares at me like a woman possessed and grabs at me. I don’t know what she wants from me.”

Paris Hilton

Paris has had multiple run-ins with stalkers, including one man who pretended to be her boyfriend: “I’ve had a lot of stalker incidents, and I usually can handle them. But the scariest one was when a guy turned up at my dad’s office and said he was my fiance. He forced his way inside and the cops discovered he had a knife on him. That was freaky. Now I have a lot of security all the time so I feel safe. I guess that’s one of the things you have to learn to live with, but it’s still scary.”

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay says she has a scary stalker who sends her threatening notes: “I get death threats all the time. I have one really bad stalker. He says he’s going to be at the Chateau Marmont (Los Angeles hotel) before my birthday and prove to me that we’re meant to be together, even if he has to take me away and teach me. They have a picture of him there. It’s scary. And he’s just one of them.”

Jamie Foxx

After a man tried to gain entry to Jamie’s Philadelphia hotel suite and was later arrested, Jamie has feared stalkers but refuses to hide away: “It frightened me, especially in retrospect when you think about what could have happened. He came back again dressed as a delivery man, and when they finally caught him they found he’d been arrested 40 times for weapons, stalking, extortion, all these different things. In the end they put him in a psychiatric ward for 60 days. But you know, I’ve got to stay out there, I’ve got to be who I am. But when I’m out, whether it’s by myself or whether I’m with someone watching me, I’m always thinking, ‘Where’s the way out?’ If I’m at a restaurant or a club – wherever – it’s ‘Where’s the exit?’ You have to think that there could be peril because of the life you lead, and you have to think about all the things that could happen.”

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