5 Celebrities Who’ve Put Their Careers Ahead of Starting a Family

These 5 stars are sacrificing starting a family of their own in order to prioritize their career. While many celebrities successfully balance their work and family lives, these celebs aren’t interested in having to choose between the two and are putting a focus on their careers for the foreseeable future. Some just feel lucky enough to be famous and in a position where they can do what they love, while others aren’t sure if they’re ready to slow down their burgeoning success in order to start having children. They’ve all made the tough choice to put their family plans on hold in order to optimize their time and put all of their energy into what they love best.

Paris Hilton

Paris wants to have a family but she’s focusing on her business right now: “Eventually one day I want to have my own family, get married and have children, but right now I’m just focussing on my business. And also involved in charity work, I’ve been doing charity since I was a little girl. I thank god everyday and think that it’s important to give back and also lend my voice to those in need. One of the reasons God makes celebrities or other people is to give back, and to be able to use it in a positive way.”

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo is so grateful for his career that he wants to spend all of his time working: “The truth is I’m very lucky to be in the position I’m in and I don’t want to look back at this time and say I didn’t take advantage of that. And if other stuff (a family) happens to come along in a natural progression, so be it.”

George Clooney

George doesn’t feel as though fatherhood is for him and says his career comes first:”I’ve always known fatherhood wasn’t for me. Raising kids is a huge commitment and has to be your top priority. For me, that priority is my work. That’s why I’ll never get married again.”

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl almost took a career break to start a family, but then she was convinced to go solo: “It was actually him that convinced me to do a solo record. I never would have done a solo record without him. At the time, I would have had a family. At the time I was still married! But it was actually Will saying to us, ‘You know you’re going to do a solo record, right?’, and I was saying, ‘I don’t want to, not yet.’ And he was like, ‘I think you should. You need to.’ He said, ‘I’m excited, I want to be involved with it.’ So he was involved from day one.”

Cameron Diaz

Cameron doesn’t feel as though she can have a family with her career and has made that choice: “I thought I was going to be married and have two children by the time I was 21. I think I felt I had to model my life after my mother’s. But then my career was starting to take off and there were still so many things I wanted to do. So that dream for me was shattered early on. After that I never put another timeline on anything in my life. I’m sure a lot of people would expect that I would have had a child by my age. But it’s not what I’ve wanted out of my life thus far. There’s a box people put themselves in, and when you (live) outside of it, that makes them uncomfortable – they have to look at themselves and question their own choices.”