5 Celebrities Who’ve Hit Out at the Paparazzi

Being constantly hounded by the paparazzi comes with the territory of being super famous, but at times it can get frustrating, especially when the photographers step over the line and do something that isn’t appropriate in order to cash in. Some stars are angry when the paps attempt to photograph their kids, while others don’t like how forceful the paparazzi have become in recent years, and find it sad that they often try to capture them in a negative light in order to make headlines.



Cher feels that the photogs will go out of their way to get a negative photo: “The paparazzi have moved into my town. I used to be able to run around in sweats. Now I’m a prisoner. “I think ‘scum’ is the perfect word for these people. They’re meaner now. Before, they would be happy to get a picture. Now they want something salacious or to make you look bad. Everything’s more mean-spirited now.”

Kate Moss

Kate was surprised when a photographer acted rootless to get photos: “There are degrees of privacy. For instance, if I’m taking my daughter Lila to school, that’s not OK. Once I was walking from The Mercer (hotel) in New York – because otherwise I don’t walk anywhere – and this woman paparazzo who was following me fell over a fire hydrant and her whole tooth went through her lip. I leant over her, saying, ‘Are you all right?’ and she was still taking pictures. I was, ‘You know what? You are sick in the head.’ And she was really surprised that I had stopped. Like I was going to leave her bleeding.”

Kanye West

Kanye West wants laws in place to stop them: “When will there be a law passed that simply enforces that someone has to ask to take a photograph of you? That would seem like common courtesy. Right now the paps are above the law and the people they shoot are below it. What should be illegal is pictures taken with the intent to sell… like drugs with the intent to sell… or crossing customs with enough merchandise to have the intent to sell.”

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp warns the paparazzi to stay away from his children: “I’m warning the paparazzi, ‘if you’re going to get me have a long lens and make sure you’re really far away because if I get my hands on you it could get ugly.’ I don’t care if they take my photo – although I don’t know why anyone needs another picture of me. I don’t care if they Vanessa’s photo, but when they take care of my kids, that I can’t support. If I catch them I’ll bite their noses off and swallow it.”

Halle Berry

Halle doesn’t like when the photographers take aim at the kids: “It has become horrifying… What they’re doing to children, it’s not right. And I know nobody has a lot of sympathy for celebrities because we’re blessed in so many ways. But these children should not be objectified. To be hunted down, it is flat out wrong.”