5 Celebrities Who’ve Gone Skydiving

Paris Hilton

Paris is addicted: “I went for my birthday last year and got addicted, it’s so much fun. I was (terrified) but it’s such a rush, it’s really thrilling.”

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan had a scary incident while skydiving: “I’m on my 13th jump, lucky number 13, my ‘chute opened and what happened was they call it a bag of garbage, which is not a good sound; the risers broke and the thing opened kind of vertically. So it’s just sort of flapping in the wind and it really wasn’t slowing me down at all. It was just making me spin out of control and almost making me unconscious; also not fun at all. “I was terrified to pull away, to break away and pull my reserve ‘chute because in my idiotic 19-year-old mind I thought, ‘Then I’ll have no more ‘chutes left’, but I thankfully came to my senses, pulled away, pulled the reserve ‘chute and guided down. You can’t steer the reserve ‘chute, because it’s round, so I landed like seven or eight miles away from the actual drop zone and I was sure I was going to land in power lines and I thought, ‘What a way to go: you survive a grand malfunction skydiving to burn to death.'”