5 Celebrities Who’ve Gone Out in Disguise

Tyra Banks

Tyra wore a disguise to Disneyland: “I went to Disneyland and I love going, I’m obsessed with Disney, I’m obsessed with Walt Disney the man, actually. I like to go, but I want to be with everybody and hang out and not just always have to go through the back door. So I put on a disguise. It was an older woman’s thing. I put on one of my mum’s wigs, because my mum likes to have grey in her wigs. So I took one of her wigs, I put on her old-fashioned glasses and then she has like these leopard, big shirts, I put that on and a broach, a broach is going to make you look old… I had a back story: ‘Yeah, my husband invented those car seat covers that go on like the car seat covers, like the cab drivers have and I have so many leftover beads that, honey, I decided to make those things that go over doorways. I’m so happy, we (are) here from Detroit and I’m just so happy because I love Walt Disney.'”

Zac Efron

Zac grew facial hair to change his look: “I wanted to go to the Coachella music festival, be in the crowd, and see the bands without any VIP bull. So I grew a kind of prepubescent moustache, and nobody recognised me. It was so liberating, and all it took was that!”