5 Celebrities Who’ve Gone Fishing!

Clearly not a bunch of vegetarians, these 5 celebrities have all gone fishing! Hoping to spend the day relaxing by the water and possibly catching something nice for dinner, these 5 stars have been snapped in the process of fishing or even with the fish they’ve caught. You might never expect Paris Hilton to get her hands dirty and actually fish, but she even managed to catch something. Gwen Stefani took her two young boys to fish for fun at a pond while Alice Cooper managed to help catch a huge fish when he headed to sea with some friends! Here is a look at 5 celebrities who’ve all decided to take the day off and spent it watching the water in hopes of a catch!

Alice Cooper

alice cooper

Charlie Sheen

George W. Bush
george w bush

Gwen Stefani
STEFANI FISHIN' - Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale take their kids Kingston and Zuma fishing on Troutdale Ponds in Agoura Hills

Paris Hilton
paris hilton