5 Celebrities Who’ve Used Drugs Because They Were Bored

Boredom sounds like a strange reason to start taking drugs, but it actually makes sense. When you’ve already achieve success, fame and money, some stars can be left feeling empty and bored with their lives because there is nothing left to aim for. For others, the boredom came when they were younger and didn’t feel motivated about their life. Some simply were looking to have fun and enjoyed escaping reality through their drug use.


Charlie Sheen

Charlie has used drugs for fun when he is bored: “I said stay away from the crack. Which I think is good advice. Unless you can manage it socially. Because if you can manage it socially, go for it, but not a lot of people can, you know. The only thing that makes me want to party is when my brain says, ‘It’s on.’ Usually at the wrong time. It tends to do with boredom. It’s never been about, ‘Everyone else is drinking, I should too.’ It’s about wanting to make things better, whether it’s real or imagined.


Pink turned to drugs as a teen but realized it was stopping her from progressing:”For me drugs were just a distraction on the way to my ultimate goal, which is what I’m doing today. I found my chance and I wanted to go for it and knew I was going to have to work for it. Boredom is a big cause of a lot of problems for a lot of people. I was performing so I wasn’t bored any more. I had something to do.”

Nicole Richie

Nicole turned to drugs when she felt her life was so good that nothing excited her: “I got so much, so fast that nothing really excited me anymore. I kind of took matters into my own hands and was creating drama in a very dangerous way. I think I was just bored, and I had seen everything – especially when you’re young, you just want more.”

Lindsay Lohan

According to a source, Lindsay started using drugs to combat her boredom: “Lindsay does drugs because she’s bored, the only reason she’s ‘fessing up about her drug use on Twitter now is because she knows that she has ‘friends’ that will sell her out. People have seen her doing the drugs.”

Chloe Sevigny

Chloe used drugs when she was younger out of boredom: “I had a great family life – I would never want it to look as if it reflected on them. I think I was just very bored. And I did just love taking hallucinogens. I probably shouldn’t promote that. But I often feel it’s because I experimented when I was younger that I have no interest as an adult.”