5 Celebrities Who’ve Been Robbed

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They may be celebrities but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to the ways of the world – these 5 stars have all been robbed. Some were held up by robbers before they became famous, others had their apartments robbed of their belongs and some were even threatened at gunpoint. Not letting the experience get the better of them, they’ve moved on and some have opened up on what happened to them and how they felt about it.

Adrien Brody


Adrien grew up in New York and claims he has been robbed repeatedly: “It was a rough neighbourhood. I never at any point in my life wanted to do anybody any harm, but I refused to let anyone push me around. I’ve been robbed by 30 people. I guess everyone in New York has been a victim of armed robbery, at least the old New York… It’s nothing. It’s a rite of passage… I wasn’t a particularly bad kid, but if you’re not physically imposing, you have to know people who are imposing, who watch your back.”