5 Celebrities Who’d Love to be Bond Girls

The Bond films are a part of cinematic history and these 5 celebrities all say they’d love to be a part of that by taking on the role of a Bond girl. Seeing Bond girls as glamorous but also tough and sexy women, these celebrities thinking playing that part would be a fun and unique experience.

Samantha Barks

Samantha would love to play a kick-ass Bond girl role: ”I’ve always wanted to play a very kick-ass character at some stage, like a Bond girl. That would be very fun. That’s always been a goal in my mind.”

Uma Thurman

Uma likes how tough Bond girls are: “When I was growing up they always said Bond girls were anti-feminist and that was not a good thing to be. But I thought that Bond girls were the toughest, sexiest, most fun, and, to me, they were like completely awesome. I thought, ‘Bond girls are bad.'”

Cara Delevingne

British model Cara is currently launching an acting career and admits playing a Bond girl would be a dream role: ”A Bond girl would be fun. Are you kidding?! I’d do it.”


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer thinks it would be a lot of fun to be a Bond girl: “I get offered funny, quirky, pretty roles. I’d love to do an action movie. James Bond. Glamour. Daniel Craig. S**t-loads of fun.”

Jessica Alba

Jessica has always been a Bond fan and would love to star in one of the films: “I’m a huge fan of Bond – ever since I was little. I’ve looked at Bond women as being the most drop-dead gorgeous in the world. I love the variety of them – they’ve been black and Asian and white and Eastern European and everything else.”