5 Celebrities Who Use Fake Tan to Creating a Golden Glow

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Fake tan may have a bad reputation for that orange glow look, but if you pick the right product, it can end up looking like a natural healthy golden glow. These 5 celebrities love to add some bronzer to their naturally fair skin to make them look more healthy and sun-kissed and say they often apply tan before big events or photo shoots in order to look their best. 

  1. Georgia May Jagger

Georgia loves a tanning gel that helps her looked bronzed quickly: ”Hampton Sun Sunless Tanning Gel has the least fake-tan smell. Spray tans are great, but are too high-maintenance for me to have regularly.” 

  1. Holly Valance

Holly believes a tan is essential for summer: ”My beauty trend for this summer is a great fake tan, like Liberata once a week, and sunscreen and shade when you’re outside.” 

  1. Jenni Farley

Even though she’s pregnant, Jenni has to apply tan regularly to feel her best: ”I feel my sexiest when I’m tanned. Even pregnant I use my spray tan. Every week Roger spay tans me. That was my deal with him, I said, ‘If I’m carrying your kid, you’re making me tan!” 

  1. Una Healy

Before big events, singer Una loves to apply tan herself: “Yeah I use a glove and do it really carefully. I moisturise my elbows and knees afterwards, then wash my hands really well and put a little bit of fake tan on the back of my hands. The hands are always a giveaway.” 

  1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie loves how great a tan looks: “I love BeneFit’s Hoola bronzing powder. More women have discovered that they look great with a tan and they also look and feel sexier. It’s also much healthier and safer than going in the sun and using sunbeds. Looking after your skin has become more fashionable. I love to be tanned before I go to awards ceremonies and parties. Self-tanning is the way forward – especially for me. As a Victoria’s Secret model, I like to be tanned when I shoot lingerie. It gives me a confidence boost, I feel healthy and of course I look great. The tan makes your skin glow on camera.”