5 Celebrities Who Say They Were Geeks in School

Not quite as cool as they are now, these 5 celebrities all say they were total geeks back in their school days. Some didn’t have many friends or felt like they didn’t fit in, while others hit the books in a big way or were believed they were in the geek clique back in their younger years. Now they might be big names that are super famous, but in their younger years these celebrities say they weren’t a part of the popular crowd and they believe they were geeks! Hard to picture some of these celebs as nerds but they claim they really were and many of them are proud to say it!



Chace Crawford


Chace recalls one particularly geeky moment: ‘I was a geek. I had braces and wore terrible shell necklaces. Then I went through the blond highlight phase – my mum did it for me. It was terribly American! I used to spill a lot of food all over me, that was my kind of thing. It’s not a very good thing to have. It was usually ketchup. I went to college orientation day with my parents once, and we ate at a taco place first… When I bit into it, the grease went straight through the grated table. It shot out all over my khaki pants. It was gross! My parents got a great laugh, and I had to change my trousers.”

Jessica Biel
jessica biel

Jessica never felt like she fit in: “I always felt a bit like a fish out of water. I was a bit of a nerd and I changed school several times. I really didn’t fit in with the other girls. My parents were very free-spirited and my mother was very much into health and nature. I grew up with a very ecologically minded spirit.”

Justin Timberlake
justin timberlake

Justin says he was a geek kid: “I think of myself as an entertainer, and that’s the only thing I’ve ever been decent at. Other than that, I’m kind of a geek. I was very shy and timid as a kid, and it was only when I discovered the stage in school that a monster came out! I think my mom was happy that I stopped staring at my sneakers and learned to be more outgoing. There was this need to perform and express myself that had been bottled up.”



Usher says he just wasn’t cool: “I was that geek at school. I didn’t dress cool and I had a weird haircut. There were some fly guys who wore the right stuff, were really buff and all the girls loved them, but I still think it’s a matter of opinion.”


Zac Efron
zac efron

Zac wasn’t the hearttrob he is now: “I wasn’t a heartthrob at school, I was a geek. I was a gawky 17 year old, a lanky, skinny, awkward kid. I was definitely a late bloomer.”