5 Celebrities Who Say They Want a Quiet Life

Posted by PZ on February 6th, 2018

When they’re not performing in front of millions or attending the star-studded premiere of their latest film, these 5 celebrities like to take a step back from the spotlight and have a quiet life. Doing their best to avoid making headlines about their personal lives, these celebs tend to shy away from the spotlight and spend their time off just enjoying some relaxing quiet time away from the buzz of Hollywood. Here is what they’re said about their desire to have a quiet lifestyle.

Johnny Depp


Johnny feels tired of running away from the spotlight and enjoys time alone: ”I’m living, in a sense, like a fugitive. I don’t like to be in social situations – it’s fine for me in a weird way, having to run and hide. Less and less, I have the opportunity to observe, because I’m the one being observed.”

Lana Del Rey

Lana says she has tries to live quietly: “People would be surprised to know that I live a really quiet life. I do a lot of the same things every day when I’m home.”

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