5 Celebrities Who Say They Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously

Posted by PZ on August 9th, 2017

Life is always going to be hard if we take everything to heart or can’t laugh at those difficult moments. These 5 celebrities all say they have a sense of humor about themselves and try not to get wound up about what life throws at them. Approaching their lives with a lighthearted view, these celebrities do their best to take away that seriousness and enjoy themselves more.

Amanda Seyfried


Amanda reads hurtful comments about herself but never takes it to heart: ”You can’t take yourself too seriously if you don’t wanna die. So yeah, sometimes I read the feed on Twitter where people are talking about me. I was scrolling one day, and there was something really sweet, like, ‘Amanda heart heart’ and a picture of me. And then there was, ‘All movies starring Amanda Seyfried are definitely going to be awful.'”

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