5 Celebrities Who Say They Can’t Relax

Finding it hard to switch off, these 5 celebrities say they just aren’t able to relax and it doesn’t come naturally to them. Always on the move and working hard on their projects, when it comes to taking a break, they aren’t sure how to cope. Struggling to deal with time off, these stars find it difficult to just do nothing and even unwind. Here is what they’ve said about simply not being able to relax.

Angelina Jolie


Angelina reveals she isn’t good at unwinding and is rarely doing nothing: “I’m not very good at relaxing. I can’t stay put. I read, write, negotiate films, I carry my office around with me. [Our home in France] is close to European cities, but also to Africa and the Middle East. To all the theatres of operations where my United Nations work obliges me to go. LA is clearly too far from all that.”

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

Cheryl can’t unwind even while having a soothing massage: “I had physiotherapy on tour when I suffered from a bad hip. But I can’t get into massages – I can’t relax.”

Diane Keaton

Diane says she wouldn’t know to spend her time off if she had any: “I don’t really relax much. Like, I can’t go and nap, ever. I’m not interested in relaxing until I hit the sack… I wouldn’t know what to do with a week off.”

Gwen Stefani

Gwen admits she starts to panic when she doesn’t have anything to do: “There’s never any downtime but when there is, I feel like I’m panicking a bit or trying to plan the next thing. Which is weird because I always thought I was kind of lazy. In my mind, all I really want to do is eat a pizza in my bed.”

Reese Witherspoon

Reese finds it hard to turn off her brain and not worry so much: “The most difficult thing for me is finding time for myself to just relax and not worry about things, which is my natural inclination. I like to walk in nature, where it’s peaceful and calm. That’s been my form of therapy as an adult.”