5 Celebrities Who Read Self Help Books

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There are millions of self help books with advice on almost any topic you can think of available, and these 5 celebrities have all decided to seek some words of wisdom for themselves. Opening up a self help book in a bid to work through their personal problems on their own, these stars have found reading these books helpful and they’ve learned how to deal with their issues and boost their confidence thanks to their chosen book.

Boy George

boy george

Boy George says reading Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘The Power Of Now’ changed him completely: “(It) sounds like quite an extreme thing to say about a book, but it took all the stuff that I’ve read – because, you know, I’ve been on various spiritual journeys in my life, read all the books, done the courses and the therapy – and it just contextualised everything for me. It made sense of everything that I’ve read before and everything I wanted to understand…. The great thing about the past is that it’s always behind you. Tolle encourages very, very strongly to live in the now. Not next week. Not last week. Now.”

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer thinks self help books can be amazing: “I believe in books that have been absolutely wonderful and I do think they’re very helpful, hence the title, self help. I think it’s important to read them. I think that some are, you know, there’s over-analysing stuff, but I think that any kind of self-examination or education is a good thing.”

Khloe Kardashian

After landing a job as host on ‘The X Factor’, a source revealed that Khloe turned to self help books to prepare: ”Khloe feels like she has just won the lottery. She has always been a huge fan of ‘The X Factor’ and is really close friends with judge Demi Lovato. If all goes as planned and Khloe ends up hosting the show, it will be one of her biggest dreams come true. Khloe has been reading a lot of inspirational books lately to get her mind set on what’s to come. She knows being a host on the show bears a lot of responsibility and wants to be the best that she can be. ”She has been getting a lot of tips from [‘American Idol’ host] Ryan Seacrest and feels confident that she can bring her unique style of fun and authenticity to the show.”

Niall Horan

An insider revealed that Niall has been using self help books to deal with his fear of crowds: ”Niall really wants to conquer this problem once and for all. He’s essentially practising amateur psychology at the moment and is getting through three books a week. The self-help books are teaching him how to manage crowds with various coping techniques. He has stacks of them by his bed and they’re really making a difference to his state of mind.”

Ronan Keating

Ronan used self help books to help him work on himself: ”I’m back in a good head space, which is great because it gets scary when you lose it. I don’t want to make mistakes like I’ve made again, so I’m very cautious. But therapy, reading books like ‘The Power of Now’ and work have really helped me live in the present. I’m very comfortable in my skin and that’s a nice place to be. When you’ve made big mistakes [and] then realise, ‘What the f**k was I doing?’, there is a lot of self-loathing for the hurt you’ve caused.”