5 Celebrities Who Often Wish They Weren’t Famous

Posted by PZ on June 25th, 2017

Not particularly enjoying being in the spotlight, these 5 celebrities admit that they often wish they weren’t famous at all. Although they may owe much of their success to being famous, these stars say they would prefer to do their jobs without being celebrities or would simply enjoy being able to do normal things without being hassled by the paparazzi. Wishing they could continue to live like anyone else, these stars find themselves wishing they weren’t famous and things were less complicated for them.



Adele isn’t interested in being famous, she simply wants to make music: ”I don’t want to be a celebrity . . .I don’t want to be in people’s faces. I just want to make music. I mean, I still hope I have a little bit of clout in ten years. But all I’ve ever wanted to do was sing.”

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