5 Celebrities Who Often Have Trouble Sleeping

Rarely getting a full night’s sleep, these 5 celebrities have all opened up on their sleeping problems. Some find it difficult to sleep because they always have something on their mind, especially if they’re working on a new creative project. Others have just had the problem all of their lives and still haven’t figured out how to put themselves to sleep for the night. Trying different things such as sleeping pills and even sleep therapy, these stars have tried everything to work through their sleep problem. Some say they often feel restless and like they don’t need to sleep, but after several days of little or no sleep, they crash and feel burnt out. Other stars say they feel like they just don’t need a long sleep and only get a few hours a night.

James Franco


James says he often just doesn’t need sleep but it ends up leaving him feeling burnt out: ”Some nights. I don’t need sleep. And then you do enough of those [late nights] and you eventually crash – you know, odd places, on set, or in class, or wherever.”


While in the process of making new music, Rihanna doesn’t sleep a wink while she makes sure everything is right: “Every time I listen to new songs I’m making up videos in my head or thinking about how I would perform it live – that’s why I don’t sleep.”


Chris Martin

When asked if he sees a sleep therapist once when releasing a new album, Chris says that it is much more regularly than that: “No, bit more than that. I have a lot of trouble sleeping. It’s to do with that and what to take and not to take.”


Freddie Prinze Jr.

Freddie has had trouble sleeping all of his life: “I haven’t slept since I was a little boy; it’s not on the cards for me. I just maybe got three hours last night, maybe three and a half the night before. Nothing works. I think some people are good at baseball and some people are good at being awake. I’ve sleep therapists and hypnotists, and by the way, nobody on earth has ever been hypnotised. It’s a crock… It doesn’t work. I did hypnotism, I took sleeping pills, That doesn’t work. It makes you goofy, which sometimes is fun. I did acupuncture… (but) I quit. I see the late-night commercials on TV that are selling those pills like hot cakes and I’ve bought ’em all. I’ve (also) tried watching TV (to fall asleep).”


George Clooney

George says he only gets a few hours a night: “I don’t sleep much. Five to six, I’d say. You could argue that people, as they get older, sleep less – probably because they’re afraid of dying at some point. I know my parents don’t sleep much. I know that I used to be able to sleep until noon when I was younger. I couldn’t fathom staying in bed until ten now. I wouldn’t know what to do unless there’s a football game on.”