5 Celebrities Who Love to Use Pinterest

There is something absolutely addictive about Pinterest. It’s a way to order your inspiration, hold on to images you find striking and put together different snaps to create a whole board of cohesive ideas. These 5 celebrities have even admitted that they love it, using it to source ideas for home design, fashion-forward outfits, makeup looks and even recipes.

Charlotte Ronson


Charlotte loves scouting for antiques and says she uses Pinterest to keep track of her wishlist: “When I was in Turkey recently, I got a beautiful rug. And back when I had a shop, a friend and I would rent a big van and drive up to the Hudson Valley to find antiques. I love Pinterest, but I also like the old-school way of buying a bunch of magazines and ripping pages out. It’s nice to have the image in hand.”

Demi Lovato

Demi often takes hair and makeup ideas from photographs she finds on Pinterest: ”I was kind of bored of the colours that I’ve had and I wanted something that wasn’t as like out there as hot pink. So I changed it. I love lavender and I thought silver could be really cool, too. I love going on Pinterest and looking at different hair colours. Whenever I see like a cool colour I sit with it for a little bit, and if it’s really, really good then I’ll get it.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth says she loves to organise ideas and inspirational images: “I use Pinterest a lot as well. I’m always creating boards for inspiration or ideas. It’s very rich. I think Pinterest is amazing — it’s very hard to stop. It’s weird. It’s girl porn or something. You can’t put it down.”

Kristen Cavallari

Kristin sources fashion ideas and recipes from the site: “I love Pinterest for fashion inspiration. I also love getting recipe ideas, I make dinner every night for the family, and Jay’s back working.”

Miranda Lambert

Miranda organises home ideas on Pinterest but often ends up pinning pet-related designs: “We’re building a new house, and I’ve been saving inspiration on Pinterest. A friend of mine recently said, ‘I can see your Pinterest boards, and all you have on there are dog rooms.’ My husband and I have 15 rescue animals, and I spend way too much time planning our pets’ spaces. I’m like, okay, I probably need to move on to the laundry room!”