5 Celebrities Who Like to Have Alone Time

Enjoying some personal space when they get some rare time off, these 5 celebrities admit that they often enjoy just being on their own from time to time. Giving them the time to think and mull over their life so far, these stars enjoy reflecting or even just pampering themselves with a night out alone. Not always needing to be surrounded by an entourage, sometimes they enjoy alone time to just be alone with their thoughts. Some say they enjoy going on holidays solo, while others like to live in their own space so they can relax without anyone else around. Here is what they have to say on having space to themselves.

Bradley Cooper


Bradley enjoys time to reflect on his own: ”When I was a kid, I hated being alone. Everything changed when my career took off. I recently spent an entire week alone in Paris. I would sleep until midday and then wander around the city centre all afternoon. I took motorbike rides alone at night until 2am when the streets were empty. It allowed me to reflect on my life.”