5 Celebrities Who Have Psoriasis

Posted by PZ on August 18th, 2015

Psoriasis is a genetic skin condition that can result in rashes that are red and inflamed. There is no cure but there are steps that can be taken to try to control it as best as possible. These 5 celebrities have all battled Psoriasis and have spoken on how it has affected them and how they’ve been able to deal with it, candidly sharing their struggle with the public.

Cara Delevingne


Cara would have outbreaks while modelling and hated people’s reaction: “People would put on gloves and not want to touch me because they thought it was, like, leprosy or something. It wasn’t a good time, I was, like, fight and flight for months. Just constantly on edge. It is a mental thing as well because if you hate yourself and your body and the way you look, it just gets worse and worse.”

Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi felt awful as she battled her skin problem: “It was so bad, I felt like the Elephant Man… My whole entire body was covered in a rash and scaly skin and then it just stared creeping up my neck. I felt swallowed by it. I tried every kind of natural cure I could… I felt like a mad scientist mixing this and that. My immune system got a little wacky, and it took my strength away. My skin was so inflamed, it could not regulate hot and cold, so I had the chills all the time.”

Jess Wright

The Only Was is Essex star Jess Wright said she has found it embarrassing to deal with: “It was five to six years ago, I was in a really stressful marketing job and all of a sudden I noticed flakiness on my head. It got worse, to the point where I stopped wearing black tops because I was so embarrassed people would think I had dandruff.”

Kim Kardashian

Kim posed nude to make herself feel more confident: “I have psoriasis, there is nothing I can do about it so there is no reason why I should feel uncomfortable. So to make myself feel better I lay out all my insecurities before we start a shoot in the hope that no one will be focused on that.”

LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn has found a way to control it: “I’ve actually been very quiet about having psoriasis. I’ve had it since I was two and it’s always been a huge burden and something that I’ve battled and still battle. I hid it my whole life. I pretty much got it under control by finding the right dermatologist and right treatment in the last five years. By finally getting control over it instead of it having control over me, I wanted to speak out and let people know that there is hope.”

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