5 Celebrities Who Feel Connected to a Possible Past Life

Posted by PZ on June 29th, 2017

Believing in the possibility of past lives and reincarnation, these 5 celebrities all say they feel connected to at least one (if not more) of their possible past lives. Some feel connected to people they’ve never met before and believe they knew them in the past life. Others have had visions and flashbacks while under hypnosis or during a dream which makes them believe they lived another life many years ago. Here are their own personal stories about their connections to a possible past life.

Jessica Alba


Jessica says she is open to the idea of reincarnation and believes she may have met her husband in a past life: “I’m not closed to that possibility. I definitely felt like I knew my husband when I met him. It was an instant comfort when I met him. I felt like we were family.”

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