5 Celebrities Who Dream of Completing College

These 5 celebrities all say they would love to have the full college experience and feel as though they missed out because they skipped over either going to college in the first place, or completing their full time at college. Some say they would love to go to college when they get to take a break from their career, while others know it’s probably just a dream but it’s still something they wish they could have done when they had the chance.

Anne Hathaway


Anne completed some college and would love to return to finish it off: “I finished two (years) and I’m hoping that I get back. The last time I went to college was in between Brokeback Mountain and The Devil Wears Prada and I’ve been really busy since then.”

Michelle Williams
college dream

Michelle would love to have the college experience: “I just thought he was really cool to be around. I didn’t really go to school, I didn’t go to college, my high school diploma is like, a little bit questionable… My daughter has actually said that she would like me to go to college with her… and I’m sure she won’t change her mind! It is a very lovely idea… I have been struggling with some of her grammar homework recently.”

Kate Bosworth

Kate would love to take a break from her career to go to college: “I’m going to take a bit of time for me because I’ve been working so much. I’m hoping to go to Princeton. I’m totally in love with what I do, but it’s not the only thing that fulfils me. I took a psychology class in high school and I was blown away by it. The older I get, the more I want to go back to school, which is funny because people would say the more years have passed, the further away it seems. It’s actually the complete opposite for me. I’m sure it’ll work balancing college and work. Everything sort of does, doesn’t it?'”

Kylie Minogue

Kylie wishes she had gone to college before launching her career: “There’s a bit of me that wishes, even fantasises, that after finishing school I went to college and embraced a more academic route but I was straight out working. I do sometimes feel that I could go down that route. What’s to say I don’t end up doing a stint at New York University? A lot of people do it and there’s that part of you that feels dissatisfied and is yearning to be fed. I would study photography. I would love to study art history. My ultimate, ultimate, ultimate fantasy would be to have a scholar companion. Someone always by my side to teach me, like in those movies about the Roman Empire. Maybe I should put out an ad, ‘Wanted: Scholar. Someone who knows everything about everything. Must be prepared to travel’.”

Nikki Reed

Nikki has decided to start taking college courses so she won’t miss out on college: “I started taking college courses… not to complete, not for a degree… just because I felt like I missed a lot – like Catcher In The Rye and books that are part of the curriculum that I’d skipped a lot.”